Household Essentials

The basics – what every home needs!

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving into a new home or a large apartment; there are certain things that you will absolutely need. Obviously you’re going to want to stock up on housewares, and now is the time to narrow it all down to what you need immediately. You can start with the basics, the things that really matter and are indispensable. These are the things that help you to live well, in a clean and well-organized environment. Once you’ve fulfilled the basic necessities, you can continue to add whatever you want and follow any whim.

1. A Vacuum

Perhaps the ‘numero uno’ most important thing you’ll need for a new living space is a good, solid vacuum. Don’t go cheap on purchasing one of these. Obviously floors get dirty. There’s no way to avoid it. The more people you have or worse – the more pets that live with you – equates to a far dirtier home than one with a single occupant. So look for one that meets your specific needs. If you’re alone in a one bedroom apartment, a smaller model will likely do the trick. If you have a family and live in a home, you’ll need one that can take a beating. It’s going to be used often, it needs to withstand a lot of use. A good vacuum is a strong investment and outside of replacing a belt here and there should be able to last a decade or more.  

2. Kitchen Utensils

You’d be nowhere in your new home without the right tools. Every homeowner needs the basic kitchen utensils. The kitchen is the one room to see an almost endless flurry of activity and you’ll want to be able to start preparing food the moment you move in. You’ll need to spend a few bucks for these supplies, but it’s an unavoidable expense. And it’s better dealt with sooner than later. Once you have a small arsenal of utensils, you’ll rarely need to eat out, consider that one big expense saved. A small set that consists of a large spoon, spatulas/turners, a can opener, veggie peeler and – of course – a cheese grater, are among the necessities along with your measuring devices.

3. Kitchen Knives

The next addition might seem obvious, but a kitchen isn’t complete without a good set of kitchen knives. They are the strength of the room. Even if you only have the essentials in hand, you’ll always benefit from acquiring a full set.  A high quality one can actually last a very long time. You’ll want to accessorize by getting a solid cutting board upon which to do your slicing, dicing and chopping! They are the perfect alternative to working directly on and subsequently damaging your countertop, so find one that fits comfortably and is ideal to use. You don’t need a big cumbersome thing that will make your cutting tasks clumsily executed.

4. Pots and Pans

You won’t be able to make money-saving dishes like pasta without the right pots and pans. At the least, your kitchen should have a twelve inch and six inch skillet, along with a two quart saucepan (all with lids). See if you can find a sturdy reasonably priced stock pot, too. A casserole dish will do wonders, especially if it can pull double duty as a cake pan. You can’t have a mixing bowl without an electric mixer, whether for baked items or plain ol’ mashed potatoes. Nonstick bakeware is best, as long as you care for it properly. Also, be certain your utensils are non stick compatible.

5. Dinnerware

In order to feed your friends and family you’ll need plenty of dinnerware. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you and arm and a leg. Buy a set that is comfortably priced per your budget. As far as glassware, it’s perfectly fine to start out with a basic set. They all perform the same capacity after all; from milk to beer… have fun picking out a number of coffee mugs too. They can be a fun find at a thrift shop and are available in so many designs and styles you can enjoy picking the perfect ones for your kitchen.

6. Appliances

There are a small number of appliances that will be necessary as well. They serve to make your life a little easier by offering convenience. It’s a no brainer, but it deserves mention anyway – a coffee maker. Yeah, I know, ain’t nobody gonna forget that. But you may also want a toaster and a microwave. Consider the amount of free space your counters allow and pick the size of your appliances accordingly. If you’re a smoothie nut, you’re going to need to fit a blender into the mix as well.

7. Storage

Meanwhile, you’re piling all of this stuff in, where is it all going to go? You need to look at solutions for storage. This can be a challenge, particularly in apartments or smaller homes. Fret not, with a little creativity you will figure it all out. Storage containers are necessary to hold leftover food and avoid waste in the kitchen. You can prevent needless rummaging by keeping your drawers and closets neat and organized. Speaking of closets, be sure to have as many hangers as you need and consider adding shelves or storage organizers.

8. Laundry

Through all the madness of moving in, you may forget that you still have to keep your clothes clean. Consider yourself lucky if you have a washer and dryer at your immediate disposal, Laundromats are a drag. Get yourself a laundry basket, and hamper as well as the particulars in the form of detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets. If you’re in a business profession you’ll probably appreciate having an iron and ironing board around, too.


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