An Easy-to-Clean Room

Tips for keeping your bedroom fresh & orderly

You wear it like a badge of honor. You are not ashamed of your laziness, even if it’s at the expense of the state of your bedroom. But what if I told you that you could remain your unmotivated self and still manage to maintain a clean uncluttered bedroom? Now of course you will have to pick yourself up eventually, albeit minimally, but if you’re smart about it you can make having a clean room seem like you don’t have to lift a finger.

1. Make Your Bed



If you can get into the routine of making your bed each morning you will establish an invaluable precedent. Because once it’s made it’s smooth sailing from there, anything else is a piece of cake. It’s not a hard mindset to get into; it takes what, two minutes? And you can make it even easier. For instance, when weather permits just use a single blanket on top. Limit your beds pillows to one or two, and you’ll have a chore that is painless as it is brief.

2. Have Extra Sheets

Having extra sheets on hand can make life a little easier. When you remove a set to wash, it’s nice to be able to replace them immediately with fresh ones. Rather than wait for the only set to be washed over who-knows-how long, having additional sheets on hand makes the task go quicker rather than painfully prolonged!

3. Open the Windows

As often as possible crack or open your window fully. You can’t fake freshness with sprays, no matter how cleverly scented. If your room remains a closed box for an extended period of time it will not only start to emit odd odors it will feel permanently stuffy. Air that sucker out!

4. Dust Your Room

Another important contributor to a genuinely fresh room is the act of dusting. You know when you let it accumulate it grows and can take on a life all its own! Scary clumps of hair and who-knows-what are farmed in the hidden corners of your room. But keeping it all relatively dust free will not only ensure a cleaner environment, it promotes a healthier one as well! Use a dust wand on blinds, tops of dressers and the backs of shelves, it makes the chore more effective than using a rag only.

5. Keep Your Mattress Fresh

Hopefully you’ve been able to replace your mattresses before, or just as, they are turning musty. If not, don’t fret, there are a number of things you can do to keep mattresses fresh. For example, you can combine two quarts of water with a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Wet a sponge with the mixture and gently pat clean the top and bottom of the mattress. Use a hair dryer on a heated setting to blow it fresh. You are essentially cleaning the top layer of padding only. When it’s dry, sprinkle some baking soda over the surfaces. Leave it overnight and vacuum the powder off. Voilà, you have a newly fresh-smelling mattress.

6. Piggy Bank

Another easy fix that you may never have given a second thought to is the amount of loose coin in the room. You empty your pockets in the same place, generally, but eventually you have loose coins all over the place, so much so that finding quarters for laundry is scarcely a challenge. BUT – what if all of the coins went into one designated area? Sure, the name sounds goofy, but you need a piggy bank. Heck it can look like anything – from an inanimate black box to R2D2, a place for your change is ideal and able to match any décor. And best of all – it promotes a neater environment.

7. Be Strategic with Your Room’s Layout

Often, the position of the furniture in a room can be self-defeating in the cause of keeping a room clean. Ideally, everything should be organized so there is enough room between things that allows you to clean freely. So you want the vacuum to easily access the areas between the dresser, bed and nightstand.  Such placement will make keeping your room clean easier and vacuuming less of a pain.

8. Get a Pet Bed

Now, it wouldn’t be proper to blame any of your room’s messiness on your pets, would it? If the favored furball likes to sleep with you it can be unsanitary… and itchy. The amount of hair in your bed certainly affects hygiene Consider training your dog to sleep in a dog bed (I know, separation issues!). Get some hair shedding wipes or a furminator, it’s best to cut down on the amount of the hair that penetrates your room. Never is this more obvious than when you have a guest with allergies!

Ultimately, you can indulge yourself and make it possible to clean your room within five minutes. It’s simple organization, my friend. Just grab those clothes off the floor and toss them together in a laundry basket. Make the bed (2 mins!), dust the shelves, and finally vacuum. It’s easy, just pop on your favorite tune and you’ll quickly learn that keeping your room clean can be painless and over before you know it!


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